COVID response

Sep 3, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, SWGP was able to mobilise additional resources at scale to support practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) throughout South Warwickshire maintain safe and efficient services for patients.

Hot hubs

Working in partnership with PCNs, SWGP set up and continues to manage ‘Hot Hubs’ to support practices with infection control and protect staff.

We run three ‘hot hubs’ for patients who have COVID or are showing COVID symptoms, including providing Hot Hub support during extended hours. Hot hubs are staffed by a GP who has a Healthcare Assistant or Practice Nurse on site to support them with patient consultations including infection prevention and control measures after each patient.

None of our clinicians have been COVID positive as a result of working in these hubs which shows the measures we have in place are working to protect both staff and patients.

Vaccination clinics

SWGP has been instrumental in supporting PCNs during the pandemic. In some cases, we have provided the full service, from contacting patients to book them in, running the centres and providing all staff.

In other areas where PCNs are handling vaccinations locally, we have provided staff to support the efficient rollout of vaccines.

“When Arden PCN were looking to set up a suitable Covid vaccination clinic it quickly became apparent that our surgeries were simply too small. We therefore selected a perfect site in Studley and asked SWGP to manage the staffing, IT support and telephone booking to give our patients a seamless service.

Despite massive logistical difficulties and immense pressure, I’m pleased to say that in partnership together we have successfully started today and I have great confidence in being able to continue to deliver a wonderful service to our patients. Thanks for your help.”

Dr G Rowland

Joint Clinical Director, Arden PCN

Supporting Care Homes

In line with national guidance recommending that all care homes required a weekly ward, SWGP established financial support to help practices already providing ward rounds.

We also put in place Frailty GP support for care homes not already covered.

4,000 Hot Hub appointments offered

50  Hot Hub staff briefed

1000+  Boxes of PPE distributed

2020 figures shown.

Additional COVID support

We also worked in close partnership with PCNs, to:

  • Support PPE ordering and cleaning guidance during the first wave
  • Re-establish daytime support for practices in the second wave
  • Negotiate support from the CCG
    Set up a reporting scheme to support practices who self-report as being amber or red
  • Provide resilience support, including access to extended workforce
  • Provide AccuRx software, following the urgent need to move to online patient consultations