About SWGP Federation

SWGP Federation was set up to grow, support and enable primary care in South Warwickshire.

We do this by:

Enabling our practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to thrive.

Support and develop our practices, PCNs and partners.

Designing and delivering high quality services at scale that improve healthcare for our patients.

Increased collaboration

We work to maximise the role of general practice across South Warwickshire by enabling individual practices to focus more time on delivering patient care.

In line with Government plans to increase collaboration between different parts of the health service, our role is to help join the dots between GP practices, hospitals and community providers to provide more coordinated, cost effective and quality care.

Back-office support

We also provide back-office support so member practices can focus on caring for patients. For example, we are responsible for recruiting and managing Additional Roles that are funded by the government such as social prescribers and clinical pharmacists.

This frees up time for our practices and allows us to be more cost effective by working at a larger scale on behalf of several practices.

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