Progression at SWGP: Digital & Transformation Lead

Oct 18, 2023

Here at SWGP we have lots of room for progression. We decided to ask our staff about their career journeys here at SWGP. Our first progression story within our series is from Jo Hamilton, the Digital and Transformation Lead at Warwickshire East PCN. 


Can you give us an overview of what your role entails, and your responsibilities? 

“As the Digital and Transformation Lead, I am responsible for ensuring the daily operations of the PCN run smoothly, and to help develop and lead the delivery of the of the PCN’s contractual agreements. I work very closely with the PCN Clinical Director and GP Practices to provide services such as our Enhanced Access, Covid Vaccination Programme and I’m also main link between the PCN and SWGP Federation. I look after an amazing team of Additional Roles staff, we have gone from a team of 3 to 19 staff members over the last couple of years and we are continuing to grow, to form an innovative patient-focused working team. I feel extremely lucky to have such a wonderful supportive team who all want to make a difference”.

What was your first role at SWGP, and when did you start? 

“Before joining SWGP, I worked at Coventry & Rugby CCG as a Senior Administrator for the Section 117 Team in Continuing Healthcare, working with clinicians who reviewed and placed patients with high levels of mental health needs. As the commissioner, we funded placements dependent on the patient needs and requirements. I then joined the Federation in July 2020 as a Social Prescribing Link Worker for the Warwickshire East PCN. I found this role to be extremely rewarding and I enjoyed the patient interaction; I have always wanted to help others and I believe that taking a person-centred approach when working with patients really does work. It has taught me is that every patient is different, and you must take a holistic and non-judgemental approach. For anyone looking for a rewarding role, I would 100% recommend social prescribing”.

How have you progressed since starting at SWGP?

“When I first joined Warwickshire East PCN, the team was small with just 3 employees including myself. It was at the start of COVID and working from home was very new to most of us. I started to show an interest in the management side, as I felt that this was missing due to PCN Managers not existing at this point. I started to work more closely with our Clinical Director and the Practice Manager at Kineton surgery and began leading on some project work to help tackle the hHealth inequalities in the area, working with families and young children during the pandemic.

A position became available for a Deputy PCN Manager to work alongside the Practice Manager from Kineton who was helping support the PCN just a few days a week. I interviewed for the role and was successful. I reduced my social prescribing days down to 3 days a week and worked as the Deputy PCN Manager 2 days a week. I felt totally supported by the PCN and the Federation. I started to take on more responsibility and helped mentor and support the team which had grown in capacity.

The Warwkshire East PCN has continued to develop over the last 3 years, with the team growing and needing more PCN management support. I then moved into the role of the PCN Manager/Digital Transformation Lead. During my journey I have formed a close working relationship with our Clinical Director, who has been super supportive”.

What’s a motto you live by, when it comes to your growth/development? 

“Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks for success.”

What would you suggest to anyone else in a similar role, who is looking to progress at SWGP? 

“Begin somewhere, show an interest and put yourself forward.” 

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