The economical and accessible provision of accredited training was deemed one of our member practices highest priorities for our Primary Care at Scale work stream. We wish to maintain the high standards of general practice in South Warwickshire and believe training is key to this.

There are numerous benefits of an integrated approach to training across primary care and potentially even wider in the local health economy. We are exploring this with key providers, with whom we might work together.

Practices have historically worked independently to resource mandatory clinical training and much more. One of our practice managers proposed working together to develop a training package many months ago and SWGP is now taking this further.

We envisage helping practices obtain the required training locally in the most effective way and are currently working to deliver:

Online training calendar with booking and payment functionality for clinical content

Online modules from an accredited provider to support face to face training, assist induction or when online is deemed the most effective method for the target audience