SWGP publishes its Annual Report for 2019-20

Feb 1, 2021

The SWGP Federation 2019-20 Annual Report is now available to download.

The report summarises the work SWGP focused on from April 2019 to March 2020, plus the latest updates on COVID and other support throughout 2020.

Our report covers the support we provided at Primary Care Network (PCN) and practice level, through contracts and service development (e.g. GP in ED, Paramedic Visiting, Resilience Nurse, Digital Angels IT support), together with workforce recruitment, onboarding and management.

Additional information includes the Coventry and Warwickshire Training Hub, as well as our partnership working and organisational development. We also present a financial overview and what’s coming up as we look forward, to keep you up to date.

Cristina Ramo“Thanks to partnership working across all our practices, SWGP has grown into a major provider of healthcare services in South Warwickshire and we remain committed to our original purpose to Grow, Support and Enable General Practice in the region.

“Practices have worked collaboratively to contribute to an organisation that delivers benefits, services and economies of scale far above what could be achieved on a smaller footprint. As a result, the CCG, SWFT and other providers now see SWGP as a significant force within the local health economy with a place at the Strategic Innovation Board.

“Thank you for your continued commitment in working together to deliver the best care for our patients and influence decisions affecting healthcare provision in South Warwickshire.”

Cristina Ramos

Chair, SWGP

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